Day one, Saturday 8th of August  

* Arrival of participants, welcoming dinner

Day two, Sunday 9th of August

* Introductory games, getting to know each other

* Workshop in which participants present an inspirational transformer from their own background.

Day three, Monday 10th of August

* City Tour through Amsterdam in search of key historical moments in the formation of the city such as the ambivalent history of the Dutch Golden Age, walking tour along the canals and guided visit to the City Archives. Dinner in city center.

Day four, Tuesday 11th of August

* Morning Workshop Campaigning: How do you get from concept to action? The basic principles of community organizing will be discussed. Campaigning strategies will be presented. Inspirational speech: Doetank about campaign against racial profiling.

* Afternoon workshop public speech part 1: Participants will pitch their own projects in front of the group and get feedback.

Day five, Wednesday 12th of August

* Morning workshop: public speech part 2.

* Afternoon workshop: Participants work out their project plans according to community organizing principles (power analysis, cutting an issue, finding leadership potential et cetera). Participants will work in smaller groups.

* Evening: Visit to the Peoples Kitchen in the Spuistraat.

Day six, Thursday 13th of August

* Morning workshop: One on ones about how to enforce each others project plan

* Afternoon free

Day seven, Friday 14th of August

* City tour around Second World War History: Guided visit of the Plantage buurt (visit to the Resistance museum, the Hollandse Schouwburg, and the monument of the Dokwerker (Dock Worker)), visit to Anne Frank House. Dinner in the city.

Day eight, Saturday 15th of August

* Morning workshop: Civic journalism (coordinated by Free Press Unlimited)

* Afternoon workshop: Internet security (coordinated by Bits of Freedom)

Day nine, Sunday 16th of August

* Free time

* Optional: Dinner at Community center and Youth house Antarctica, Bos en Lommer.

Day ten, Monday 17th of August

* Workshop day Theatre of the Oppressed

Day eleven, Tuesday 18th of August

* Field trip to the Bijlmer, including workshop around engaged hiphop and spoken word (coordinated by Bijlmer Style/Gikkels).

Day twelve, Wednesday 19th of August

* Morning workshop: Campaigning and Art (inspiring example: Model citizens by Elke Uitentuis), work on own project

* Afternoon workshop: Demonstrations and Art (inspiring example: Matthijs de Bruine and the domestic workers campaign), work on own project

Day thirteen, Thursday 20st of August

* Morning workshop: Poetry and organizing (coordinated by Tarik Hamdan from Palestine, organizer of street poetry festival Haifa)

* Afternoon free time

Day fourteen, Friday 21nd of August

* Morning workshop: Fundraising (Cultural entrepreneur Chris Keulemans)

* Afternoon workshop: finalizing project schedule of participants own project

* Evening visit to Story Telling café Mezrab

Day fifteen, Saturday 22rd of August

* Evaluation and filling out of Youthpasses

* Afternoon: Final event in the Vondelbunker: Presentation of individual project plans and crowd funding opportunities.