Radwa ElSekhily, 23 years old, Egypt.


I have graduated with a Political Science B.A. degree from the American University in Cairo. Currently, I am a Program Assistant in one of the national NGOs in Egypt. I have a great passion for peace-building, coexistence and conflict resolution. I am a member of several movements and projects that aim at creating homogenous communities using techniques and theories of nonviolence, dialogue, and global citizenship. My Transformers 2015 project is about a Global Movement that brings people across the globe together to eliminate any kind of discrimination, violence and hatred.

My project is a solution for the issue of violence on both technical & theoretical/philosophical levels. The technical part is an online platform that can serve as an online dispute resolution tool. Conflict mapping for different conflicts around the globe and, more importantly, locally, its history, and its updates is crucial for being able to get trusted information about what is going on. Also Key actors mapping is so important to be able to identify the decision makers, and to identify those who can have influence/impact. Data about the different strategies, efforts, initiatives, and figures who have contributed to the de-escalation of similar types of conflicts shall be inspiring.

The theoretical/philosophical part will be a real added value through developing online services capable of facilitating non-violent communication, conflict analysis, and critical thinking and meta-cognition.

This strategy would develop a network of support among those who are working to build peace and bridges between the divided, and this is very crucial. Moreover bridges must be built to cross the gap between citizens and decision makers, especially those who believe in the mere values of peace, freedom, and justice.

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