LADJI REAL – supervisor France
Producer, screenwriter, Film director and actor,
Ladji Real always oscillates between
art and activism. During his studies he travelled
in the Middle-East for 2 years Back in
Paris, he decided to study film. now LADJI
works at promoting a consciously engaged
cinema through his own production company
and tries to promote new talents by providing
a platform to emerging talents through the
TV channel ITTA.TV (International Thinking,
Talking, and Action).


Niels de Groot- Supervisor Holland
Niels has an background in social and political
philosophy and has been working as an
atonomous artist / activist for more than ten
years. Niels is interested in radio-making,
painting, squatting and graphic design. Together
with Femke, niels has organised exchange
programs in France and Ethiopa.


Femke Kaulingfreks-General management
is a philosopher with a passion for critical
thinking and an aversion of injustice. Besides
doing research and teaching in university,’
Femke organized several youth exchange projects
with her husband Niels de Groot. She got
addicted to bringing young people with different
backgrounds and experiences together
in a new place. She draws her inspiration from
Hello Kitty and Gossip Girl, to the words of
Stokely Carmichael and Michel Foucault. Femke
would like to see more female superhero’s taking
over the world.


Leo Lecki- Translator French-English
I am a mix masala from London but have
been living Berlin for over 3 years working
mainly as a history and street art tour
guide. I have also been involved working
with children, art gallery, event organising
and I speak French, Italian and ok German.
My passion is learning and bringing
people together!


Jan Willem Koelewijn-Supervisor Germany
After studying art education in Holland, I
thought the street was a more lively place
to learn about art than the museum. So I’ve
been organizing activities for teenagers
with Moroccan background. I moved to Berlin
nine years ago and started social cultural
work with children in Berlin. There, I love to
support children in discovering their passions
and powers which they can develop to have a
more self determined life. With the founding
of Schoolclash I can combine my love for art
and history of past and present Berlin and
the positive ‘clash’ of cultures.


Mumin Baris – supervisor Turkey
believes in immortality. After he has FInished
reading the book Jitterbug Perfume by
Tom Robbins, he began to search for ways
reaching to immortality. Since then, he is
moving from place to place trying to find
the best options and reached cinema at the
end. He is interested in sociology and he enjoys
“mirroring” those themes in his films. his
favorite poem is “Moments”  by J.L.Borges. His
mother language is Turkish; he was born in


Dennis Fraters – general management
is born in the Netherlands, where he studied
Social sciences. He came to Berlin 3 years
ago, because of the lively cultural life in
this city. Because of his passion for languages,
cultures and ´bringing people together´,
Dennis founded Schoolclash in 2010
together with Jan Willem, an organisation
for international exchange projects. Dennis
loves to enjoy the cultural life of Berlin.
FurtherMORE he likes travelling, languages,
sports (running, biking, swimming).


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